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Taking Ownership Of Your Life

Everyone wakes up with the same amount of time, choose how you wish to spend it. Make the right decisions, take full responsibility of yourself and your own happiness. Even when no-one is looking, can you keep going?

Start the day and end the day with positivity. Start the day with energy and passion. Build energy into your life. Have a strong enough reason for why you want to wake up every morning with passion and excitement, when this passion is strong enough, you will not need an alarm clock. You will want to get up, wake up and keep doing, because you know the visions you have, the goals you have and the reason why you are doing what you do is so strong that it means so much to you and that it is pulling you towards it. The energy will come from this very high burning desire to achieve this goal you have created for yourself.

Create a big enough goal for yourself that it will make you want to achieve it. Don’t choose a lousy goal, choose a goal that is currently bigger than yourself and big enough that it will make your belly light up. Imagine that you have it all now. Use that energy to drive you forwards. Don’t worry about not knowing how to get there, focus on this goal first, then break it down to smaller chunks, keep persisting, and you will discover your way.

Your situation now and your emotions now is just temporary, if you want to move forward, you need to keep going. Fight for what you want everyday, and what you don’t want will go away. Success is systematic, but fulfilment is within. Remember that well, success can be achieved by anyone by taking the appropriate steps, but to be truly fulfilled, you will need to find that within.

Self accept yourself for the good and bad in you, look within yourself for inner peace and happiness, not for outer validation of things.

The road to success can be lonely, when you climb higher, people will start running away, when you climb even higher, your circle becomes smaller, when people give up on you, the most important thing is that you don’t give up on yourself, keep going. You are not fully responsibly for someone else happiness, you are fully responsible for your own.

Most people don’t live their dreams because they give up, for those who are successful are the ones who never give up, no matter what, these people will fail a lot, but they never give up. You need to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Be comfortable failing and moving towards new unknowns. Control your failures so that you learn and grow. Failing makes you stronger. Create a positive bond with failing, knowing that you are learning and growing. When your knowledge expands and you are growing, you have progress, when you have progress, you know you are moving towards your goal.

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