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The Do’s And Don’t Of Life

Do find out what your passion is. To find out if something is right for you, put your heart and soul into it, do it with 100% effort and the process will quickly reveal to you whether something is right for you or you should be doing something else.

Do learn to make decisions. Don’t hang around being indecisive. Don’t sit on the fence. Decide and go in that direction whole heartedly. If you are going in the wrong direction, you will quickly find out. Experience will teach you to make better decisions over time. You can learn experience from your life or from others. I suggest you learn the mistakes of other, it will save you a decade.

Don’t doubt yourself. Believe you can. Believe in yourself and your self worth. Understand that as you do, you will progress and progress will help you grow.

Don’t worry. Worrying is a waste of time, it is like self inflicted fear. Fear being false evidence appearing real in your mind. Give it up. Don’t worry. You don’t need it.

Don’t waste time complaining.

Don’t be too cautious. Take some risks, but not reckless. Don’t dwell on the what if’s. Everything is a risk. Risking means you have a chance to work on achieving your goals. Not taking any risks will guarantee you success of not achieving it at all. Life is a risk, you won’t get out alive. Take a chance and give life a go. Life is an adventure.

Do learn to see the glass half full. Be optimistic, not pessimistic. Don’t look for what’s wrong, look for opportunities and possibilities.

Do think yourself to a brighter life. As you think, so you become.

Feed your mind with positivity every morning and every night. Guard your mind of what goes in, don’t allow the negativity into your mind. Life will constantly throw both of them at you, learn to control what goes in.

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