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Finding Happiness Through Beliefs And Values

Happiness can be found by working on your beliefs and values. Happiness can be found within relationships and the greatest relationship to work on is the relationship with yourself, how you see the world around you and how you react to it.

The disciplined actions you take towards working on your relationships is crucial to helping yourself move forwards. The expectations you have for yourself and your visions should be well laid out, so you know what your goal is and where you are heading. You should be providing happiness for yourself, and not relying on it or expecting it from others. You need to work on these relationships, it requires your input and energy, it requires your dedicated attention and commitment and it is an ongoing process, until you reach that destination.

You need to know who are you now and where do you want to be, then take a look at your plans and check, do your plans align to get you where you want to be? Knowing what you want is crucial, and you may need to dig deep for this. Do you want love? Do you want security? Do you want certainty? Do you want acknowledgment? Do you want experience? Do you want progression? Do you want to make a difference in the world? Ask yourself, what’s the most important value to you and what are you currently doing to satisfy those needs? Do you want to lead? Do you want to inspire? Do you want to create joy? Do you want to love or to be loved? Do you want to be the best version of yourself? Do you want to contribute to the world? Do you want to provide for others? Do you want to leave a legacy? Do you want to create? Look at your current actions, what values motivates you the most to make you effortlessly gravitate towards them and enjoy it?

You need to choose the beliefs and values that gets you great results, the results you want and the values that you align with. Believe in yourself, believe what is possible, believe in people. If you find yourself not where you want to be, then you can work to reshape yourself by repeated affirmations. Switch your negativity to positivity. Practice new habits daily to create positive energy. Make peace with the past and move forward. Face fear and take steps towards moving in that new direction, don’t procrastinate. Know that you are moving into a new unknown, a new direction that you desire, so every little step you take now will help you move closer towards that goal. Don’t fear failure, don’t fear embarrassment and rejection, don’t fear winning, know that whatever is going through your mind is just a self manifested emotion that you are playing for yourself. Nobody can see it and nobody cares, what we care about is that you are taking that step forward and have the drive to move forward relentlessly. Know that with practice you will make progress, it will never be perfect, but you will be developing yourself and you will be growing by taking action.

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