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The Meaning Of Life And Understanding Emotions

The meaning of life is what you decide to give it. The feelings and emotions you have towards life is important to understand.

Understanding your emotions and controlling them will put yourself in a better state.

There are 3 simple rules to controlling your emotions.

1. Appreciate the emotion

2. Identify the emotion you are feeling

3. Change your perception or procedure

The first place to start is always with gratitude, have appreciation for what you have and appreciate it, you will then start to come from a more positive place.

Second, identify what emotion you are going through. Clarify what you actually want instead and take action until you get the emotion you want.

When you have identified the emotion you are feeling, ask yourself should you be feeling this emotion, how do you see this emotion on yourself, what’s your perception of this emotion, can you change your perception of this emotion, can you change the way you see things? Or can you change the procedure of how you got to that emotion, can you communicate better and tell yourself and others about what you want, or can you change your behaviour in order to get a different emotional result.

Here are a list of 10 emotions of how you could feel and how you can tackle them:

1. Uncomfortable – Ask yourself what do you want then take action

2. Hurt – Do you feel a sense of loss, do you feel like you have lost something that was never there but you expected it, can you give it a new meaning

3. Inadequacy / Unworthy – Practice and get better at something

4. Frustration – Change your approach to avoid insanity

5. Anger / Hurt / Loss – Do you feel like your standards were violated

6. Disappointment – Change your expectations

7. Fear – Prepare

8. Guilt / Regret – Do you feel like you have violated your own standards

9. Overloaded / Overwhelmed / Depressed – Make a list of what is important, prioritise your desires, take control and take action one by one

10. Lonely – Connection. What type are you looking for? Friends? Family? Partner? Don’t fall into the trap of just pure physical intimacy, transmute that raw energy instead to achieve other goals too. That internal desire and energy is so strong that you can truly convert that energy to achieve great things.

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