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5 Steps To Success

Success is defined differently for everyone and life is a wonderful journey to help us discover what that is. Here are 5 tips I want to share with you to help you discover more ways to help you reach your destiny.

Step 1 – Look for the positive

Every time you walk forward in life, you will always come across many situations in which you must act and make a decision. You may consciously act automatically because that is always how you have done things, this is what long term programming does to you. The good news is that it can be trained. However, it will likely take time, you must be patient and keep working towards it. When a situation presents itself to you, it’s ok to pause and make yourself more aware of what is actually happening around you and to yourself. Do you look for the problems in life? Do you always try to find something wrong with something? Here’s the thing, if you keep searching for the negativity, it will come looking for you, and you will succeed in finding them. This works both ways, why not try looking for the positive side of things, even if you know the situation is less so. The idea is to acknowledge the situation for what it is and work towards the outcome you actually want to move towards. Find the positives in every situation, search for it and you will lead yourself towards it. When you search for success, success will find you. You will attract what your are seeking.

Step 2 – Set your direction

Know what you want and work towards it. It is work, you cannot just stare at what you want and you will get it, you must work for it. Plan your day, know what you want to get out of it at the end of the day. Create a vision, make a plan for it and work towards making it a reality.

Step 3 – Have no fear

This is a big one, fear is created and self manifested within your own thoughts. Forget fear. Off course take your brain with you. Let’s take a deeper look into fear itself though. You can have the fear of falling, but what if you are falling continuously, will you still feel what falling is when you have become comfortable with it? Or is our brain telling us that we don’t want the final part of falling to hurt us? Is our brain just playing tricks on us? How about we take control of our own brain and tell it what we want it to feel and believe. Another fear is the sound of a loud noise, this is just our body going into self defence mode and looking to help us survive, that’s what our body is designed for, to help us survive. Can you see a pattern yet? Fear is self manifested of made up scenarios. There will always be fear when you move forward to unknowns. So when you plan to change your life and move it forward to a better self and into a new direction, it is going to be new for you, it’s going to be something you have never experienced at that time as time moves forward, you have the choice to decide how you want to feel. Embrace change and leave fear behind.

Step 4 – Know your values

Understanding what you personally value for your life is key. Everyone values something differently, so this is personal to you. Know what really strikes your core and what is important to you for you to be happy with your life. Know what you want to commit to and know what you will not commit to. Knowing what you don’t want will also help you discover what you do want. If you are still searching for it, don’t be afraid to quickly try things, if you do not like it then you will know faster, then you can move forward and faster and learn to say no to the things you don’t want. Don’t hang around, take that step and commit.

Step 5 – Enjoy the journey

Enjoy the little things in life, success is unlikely to come at you in an instant, but it will come if you work towards it. This journey is going to be long and hard, you will come across many bumps along the way and many micro moments of success. Enjoy all moments. Learn and grow from them. Appreciate what you have whilst you pursue all that you want. Look around you and be grateful for what you have. Practice gratitude daily.

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