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The 3 Pillars To Finding Fulfilment

Have you ever wondered how some people just appear happy and light up a room with just a smile? Is it real? It sure is. Do they have problems? Most probably.

Whether you have an abundance of money, friends, family, fame or things, this does not guarantee fulfilment and happiness in your life. Off course having an abundance of money has its advantages and disadvantages, but it just enables you to do certain things. It will not necessarily truly fulfil you, as happiness comes from within.

As nothing is free, you must put in the energy and effort upfront to produce the energy output of what you want to achieve. Three things you could focus your energy on is:

1. You must plan and take action on doing what needs to be done and what has been programmed into your life to maintain the running of your life. This can be things like getting enough sleep, brushing your teeth, washing, keeping fit and healthy, making money, paying bills, doing your hobbies etc.

2. Securing things into your life. Buying that thing you want, or feeling that feeling that you want. Typically this can be buying that house, buying that car, buying those designer things, or it can be things like feeling certain, feeling secure, feeling love, feeling peace.

3. Having awareness of yourself and being grateful. Having expectations is one thing, but being appreciative of what you have now is more important, whilst you pursue all that you want in life. One way to find that level of satisfaction is to have that relentless drive to progress yourself and develop yourself. Appreciate what you have now and know that with effort, you can change that situation if you want in an instant. Practice gratitude daily, be grateful for what you have now, it does not mean you will stay in that position forever, you can change that in an instant by deciding right now that you want to start moving in a new direction, if you want to. It’s a choice. It’s your choice. Keep practicing self gratitude and humility. Why? Because it is free and it pays great dividends. Appreciate yourself and you will appreciate.

How do you currently stand with those 3 pillars? Can you recognise them in your life? Are you spending too much time on one thing and less on others? Finding balance is key. More importantly is finding your balance. How much time you spend working on something is up to you, but the key is to recognise how much you should spend on each of them to keep yourself happy and fulfilled in life. This balance can change over time as you develop and only you will know where that balance is.

Being aware is the start of how you can recalibrate your life and point it in the direction you want. You have to want it and only you can take action on your own life as you are 100% responsible for you.

Take action today. If you improve your life by just 1% each day, you will grow.

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