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How To Create Confidence In Your Life

Do you ever find that some people can just talk with ease and create this abundant energy that draws attention like a magnet? Or do you want to get better at something?
Being confident doing something, whether it is a physical task or mentally, starts with, you guessed it, yourself.

Lets say you want to become a better speaker, then you need to speak more. Lets say you want to become a better athlete, then you need to train more. Lets say you want to pickup a new skill, then you need to do it.

Reading about it will only give you an idea of what it would be like, then you must decide if this is something you really want to pursue, how will it add value to your life? How much will it mean to you? This will determine how much time you should spend your time on it.
I am not talking about it in a financial sense, although it may cost you, but what will it really be worth to you and will it fulfil your life?

First decide what is it that you want to accomplish and why, write it down and create a Game Plan. Don’t try to take on too much to begin with as with any new skill it is like a muscle, you need to warm it up and train it over time. In fact, we all started off with nothing, but somehow some people just appear to be better at something? Why is that? Well they didn’t just wake up one day and become a professional at it. They practiced it.

So how long should you practice something? The answer is, UNTIL you get it.

You may have heard of the 10,000 hour rule, this is a rule which says that if you want to become a specialist and expert at something, you must put in 10,000 hours into it. This is a large investment of your time upfront, especially if you do not know if you will want to carry out the full course.

So what is a better approach when you just want to get started in something? A better approach to try initially is to break up your time into smaller digestible chunks which is realistic and manageable. Ideally you should only pickup up to 2-3 new skills at a time. With each new skill, spend only 30-45 minutes on it daily, until you clock up around 10 hours of actual physical time spent on the skill. At this point, you will have either picked up the skill already or got up to a point where you have achieved a new experience.

This method requires grit and what you are trying to do is to train a new muscle in your body and form a new habit until it becomes natural and programmed into your body.

Confidence in its raw form is basically disciplined action.

Create that GAME PLAN today and TAKE ACTION!

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