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Building Physical And Personal Attraction

People are an interesting set of subjects and everyone is attracted to something. Attraction is very personal to us specifically, however there are some common patterns that we shall explore.

Laughter – people are attracted to humour as this trait can resonate fun, happy, easy going and low stress levels. Many people seek these outcomes, so laughing itself can attract that audience. However, this is generalised and everyone can have different tastes in humour, but generally speaking having a lower threshold to laugh can suggest lower stress levels and promote happiness. Find balance, don’t take life so seriously all the time, but also don’t always laugh at everything. Laughing can trigger happy positive thoughts and reactions in your brain.

Smile – people are attracted to smiles, so don’t forget to smile, but let it come from within and naturally. Smiling triggers a lot of muscles in your face and connect with people. Smiling shows a sense of relaxation, and this is a feeling people want to attract, it’s comfortable. When you smile, the nervousness is relieved and the tension is also eased away. A genuine smile can really go a long way.

Honesty – communication is key, be upfront about this. Let people know what you are about and what you want. When you do this, it shows confidence. Confidence shows a sense of certainty and security. As we are survival creatures, security is something people are attracted to. This can work both ways, so if you lack this, it can promote the opposite effect.

Colours – this is an unusual one, but still very apparent when you look around. People can be drawn towards eye-catching colours, designs and appearance. Think of a peacock and its beautiful feathers. However, for humans, RED is the colour that stands out the most. Red draws the eye, whether it is trying to draw something positive or negative, it is still drawing attention towards it. Think of a girl in a red dress, red shoes, big red button, red sports car. You get the idea, it has its effect.

Mirroring – people are attracted to themselves and alike. When people have commonalities, there is a sense of connection. When two people laugh at the same thing together, there is a sense of connection and a bond is formed, when this goes on for some time, then the attracted formed will be deeply rooted. This sameness can be attracted in many ways, it can also be the way you both do a certain thing, your posture and the way you speak. This rapport can also be generated artificially, however, the more genuine and authentic you are the better.

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